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MD5 Checksums

This is a quick and easy bit of command line to check the integrity of your files. Many downloads can come with a md5 checksum file or you can create your own for your own files.

 After running the compare command you will see if the files have been altered, be it by you or outside nefarious forces.

Create md5 file:

md5sum > checksum.md5

Compare md5 file against files :

md5sum -c checksum.md5

Successive Approximation

I’ve been reading a lot about various algorithms lately, and there are a number that just strike me in awe. Their simplicity and efficiency at solving a problem are as masterful and poetic as a well written Haiku. It’s really fascinating.

I have a great example for you called the successive approximation of square root values, and I have written a program for you in C to demonstrate it in action.

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There are a lot of really exciting free online learning opportunities going on right now I want to share.

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