There are a lot of really exciting free online learning opportunities going on right now I want to share.

For studies in C & C++ you have to check out the CPP Institute. This organization not only provides various levels of certifications in C and C++, they have a really good tutorial series for both languages. If you are able to stick to their 8 week schedule you will be rewarded with a $100 off voucher for the certification exam in the language you have studied. The course is actually really well written so you can actually keep up with the steady 8 week course.  I really liked the light hearted and humorous code examples, and how the breadth of material covered. This is a great course, I just finished the C programming course and I’m going for my exam in the next few weeks!

For learning C# and the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform I highly recommend the Windows 10 development for absolute beginners series on Channel 9. I’m partially into this series and it appears really good at covering everything you need to know for creating desktop and mobile apps for Windows 10. The videos are very matter of fact, they spend enough time explaining each particular topic and best of all there is a lot of ‘doing’. Tons of projects to learn with.

Lastly to learn how to be an all around top programmer, check out OSS University. This is one strong contender, it is a complete programming curriculum that is language agnostic and instead focuses on teaching you how to think like a programmer. You will cover topics from Calculus, Cryptography, Cloud Computing to UX Design. It utilizes free MOOC courses provided by sites like HarvardX, MITx or Udacity for each lesson. It looks extremely ambitious but so much fun. I’m obsessed with my Udemy classes, this just seems like knowledge overload! I will be joining this right after I graduate in the next few months.


I’m thinking of putting together a course on IOT w/ the ESP8266. I’ve been hacking away on getting mine to work for my senior project and in the process I’ve acquired quite a bit of data, drawings and working methods I feel like it would make a great course or series. If anyone is interested in MQTT and mesh networking with the ESP8266 comment below and let me know if there’s anything you’d want to see in a course if this kind.