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Rock Paper Scissors in Ruby

Recently I’ve been working on developing my Ruby programming skills, simply due to the lots of great opportunities to use it on Linux servers. I’ve been reviewing both the evergreen “Learn Ruby the Hardway” and “The Well-Grounded Rubyist” by: David A. Black which both have  proven to be extremely useful. The LRTHW online platform serves as a great review/introduction while The Well-Grounded Rubyist goes into some nitty gritty details. As an aside, my membership the the ACM (Association of Computer Machinery) has been vital because it gives me access to both the Safari Books library and the Skillsoft library. A lot of books on endless technical topics, too bad studying couldn’t be your day job.

So at last to make some of this knowledge “my own” so-to-speak I’ve developed a basic command line version of “Rocks Paper Scissors”

It can currently be found on my GitHub page:


There are a lot of really exciting free online learning opportunities going on right now I want to share.

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When browsing the web for Raspberry Pi projects I found a great hack on AdaFruit’s YouTube page.  What they’ve done is brought Raspberry Pi mobility to a whole new level! From the moment I received my first slice of Pi, my primary issue has been the need to drag my spare monitor, keyboard and mouse around to where ever I was working on a project. The Motorola Atrix Lapdock eliminates that need.

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