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When browsing the web for Raspberry Pi projects I found a great hack on AdaFruit’s YouTube page.  What they’ve done is brought Raspberry Pi mobility to a whole new level! From the moment I received my first slice of Pi, my primary issue has been the need to drag my spare monitor, keyboard and mouse around to where ever I was working on a project. The Motorola Atrix Lapdock eliminates that need.

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MicroController – Counters and Interrupts

One of my latest class project demonstrates the use of the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller’s counter and Real Time Interrupt functionality.

Freescale HSC12 Microcontroller


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CodeRead – GitHub

I have just pushed my first project to GitHub! I chose to start off with a finalized fist draft of CodeRead. Unfortunately I had to re-write the program again, since my work laptop hard drive crashed and burned on me. Clearly, another reason why it should have been on GitHub in the first place. So there maybe some design differences between this version and the one I posted earlier, but at heart they are the same.

You can see CodeRead and more on my GitHub page:

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