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OpenSuse – Pi – Setup

My latest project utilizes OpenSuse Leap on the Rapsberry Pi. Unfortunately it’s required quite a few tweaks and fixes to get the base image to a usable level. Now this isn’t necessarily as much of an obstacle as it is an opportunity, time to create a custom setup script for the ultimate Pi foundation!

As a second hurdle, I’m attempting to post all my fixes to github via CMD line.¬† ūüôā

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Successive Approximation

I’ve been reading a lot about various algorithms lately, and there are a number that just strike me in awe. Their simplicity and efficiency at solving a problem are as masterful and poetic as a well written Haiku. It’s really fascinating.

I have a great example for you called the successive approximation of square root values, and I have written a program for you in C to demonstrate it in action.

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Setting up Node.Js on your Raspberry Pi

One of the things I’ve noticed while trying to set up Node.js on my Raspberry Pi is that every tutorial has a different way of reaching the same goal. The worst part of that is, most of the walk throughs end up having you install out of date versions NodeJS and NPM.

This presents a major issue when trying to run some of the tools offered by,¬†which are¬†a great way to learn Node by¬†completing tutorial projects. They have a few lessons like, javascripting, learnyounode, and git. I was ecstatic to find these lessons because they are a great free way of getting some hands on experience with javascripting and using NodeJs. Getting it all to¬†work on a Raspberry Pi though, is a whole ‘nother task all together.

Here’s what I found in my troubleshooting.

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