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There are a lot of really exciting free online learning opportunities going on right now I want to share.

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One of the hardest things I experienced when I started programming is finding the direction that best suited me.There are so many choices in the programming world, from Java, C#, Ruby and Python. In trying to learn as much as possible I tried my hand at all of these and more, simply looking for the one that would speak to me and help me create the projects I needed to build. That’s when I finally came across C, the granddaddy of modern programming. This is where the rubber finally started to meet the road for me. And what is reassuring to know is that the time I invest here really opens the doors for me in the future to move into languages like C++ giving me a greater toolset for problems I may need to conquer.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not in a Computer Science program, but I wonder why we didn’t start with C from the beginning. It should be studied like Shakespeare is covered in high school English classes. Covering great lines of syntax like the most elegant of soliloquies. Or maybe a better analogy would be Haiku’s.  Like the magnificent paleotweets of great artists like Issa,
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Udemy and Further Studies

While I’m working hard on my school projects I’m always looking to further expand my skills and knowledge, especially in areas that can be useful in future jobs.  In my search for good resources it was recommended to me to check out Not only did it have exactly what I was looking for, it has lessons on nearly everything I could wish to explore. Maybe it’s a bit boring, but I wish I could just stay in and study these lessons all day long! Here are a few courses I picked up from Udemy which I hope to review in the near future,

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