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Don’t Smash That SD Card!

Stop! Wait! I know what you’re thinking. This SD card has more the 50MB on it, but Windows won’t format it properly. Even Disk Management is failing.

For anyone who backs up their Raspberry Pi images or re-images their SD cards, this can be a huge hassle. Let alone if that unfortunate moment has come and your SD card or USB stick is showing no memory available at all. The formatting is just ruined. Breathe deep there are utilities out there to help.

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Udemy and Further Studies

While I’m working hard on my school projects I’m always looking to further expand my skills and knowledge, especially in areas that can be useful in future jobs. ┬áIn my search for good resources it was recommended to me to check out Not only did it have exactly what I was looking for, it has lessons on nearly everything I could wish to explore. Maybe it’s a bit boring, but I wish I could just stay in and study these lessons all day long! Here are a few courses I picked up from Udemy which I hope to review in the near future,

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