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Don’t Smash That SD Card!

Stop! Wait! I know what you’re thinking. This SD card has more the 50MB on it, but Windows won’t format it properly. Even Disk Management is failing.

For anyone who backs up their Raspberry Pi images or re-images their SD cards, this can be a huge hassle. Let alone if that unfortunate moment has come and your SD card or USB stick is showing no memory available at all. The formatting is just ruined. Breathe deep there are utilities out there to help.

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MicroController – Counters and Interrupts

One of my latest class project demonstrates the use of the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller’s counter and Real Time Interrupt functionality.

Freescale HSC12 Microcontroller


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First Steps In Assembly Language

Assembly Language programming is quite a departure from the standard high level programming languages I have just started to become accustomed to. It requires very specific instructions for each step you expect your program to take. Also the type of CPU you are writing your program for is very important as now the IDE requires some configuring in order to create the correct machine code.  Ultimately, assembly is a lot more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

I have a recent project to share which, demonstrates some of the the basic principles of Assembly Language programming.
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