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Windows User Access Log

When managing any type of system, it’s really helpful to be able to generate a solid list of who has been traversing through your machines at any point and time. Windows does this inherently but obfuscates the goodness deep in various systems logs. Thankfully I’ve found this script to unearth all that logging goodness.

This is not a script written by me, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. It’s powershell, which comes with it’s own restrictions, so run it from any computer which you have full powershell privileges on and direct the script to reach out to the remote server. This means you can log multiple servers simultaneously. 🙂

For a painfully detailed step by step:
1> Open a PowerShell terminal as Administrator.
2> Move to the folder where you've saved this script
3> Run the script setting the start date "Month Day"

.\RDPConnectionParser.ps1 -ServersToQuery -StartTime "October 1"

Wield this power wisely.

OpenSuse – Pi – Setup

My latest project utilizes OpenSuse Leap on the Rapsberry Pi. Unfortunately it’s required quite a few tweaks and fixes to get the base image to a usable level. Now this isn’t necessarily as much of an obstacle as it is an opportunity, time to create a custom setup script for the ultimate Pi foundation!

As a second hurdle, I’m attempting to post all my fixes to github via CMD line.  🙂

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Udemy – The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course


This course is lead by instructor Imtiaz Ahmad, a Senior Software Engineer by trade and enthusiastic trainer @ Job Ready Programmer. I stress his credentials because the truth is anyone can teach programming, I could spin up a course right now on Udemy by doing nothing but copying a book that I like, trimming it down and reading the lines. That is not a course, that would be a dictation, and frankly a waste of my time.

What I look for in a course is an instructor whose been out in the flames for a while, gotten burnt, learned his lesson and can now teach me things to look out for. I think the best teachers do this almost instinctively, they’re wisest words seem to come as offhand remarks, quick references, or unintentional tangents peppered throughout the course. These moments where you tear away the veil of student – teacher – computer screen, and you see yourself applying the course in real life. That’s where I get my money’s worth, that is the gold nugget that short of having an apprenticeship I won’t get anywhere else. Imtiaz brings this real life knowledge to you in this course, showing you how you might see things written in the real world, variations in the use of SQL, and how you should write it to best utilize Oracle 12G.

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